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Product Id: {84a1e9b8-12ba-4a9c-8ab0-a43784e0d149}_LOCALMFG&0000
Name: Bluetooth Remote Control
Manufacturer: Broadcom
Hardware Id: BTHENUM\{84a1e9b8-12ba-4a9c-8ab0-a43784e0d149}_LOCALMFG&0000
Compatible Id: BTHENUM\{84a1e9b8-12ba-4a9c-8ab0-a43784e0d149}
Class code: HIDClass
Class description: Human Interface-apparaten (HID)
Hardware hash: 99D92C5C16272768C8554C8138F226B0DDE2FC72
Matching Id: bthenum\{84a1e9b8-12ba-4a9c-8ab0-a43784e0d149}
Driver name: Bluetooth Remote Control
Date: 2009-06-24
Supplier: Broadcom
Short hash: 2AA67D1DB0D1AFA35E69B4B8166393B6A8B85039
Version hash: EC9C11337F73DB28ACBFA0584ADBCFE450323C90

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