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Command: %windir%\system32\conime.exe
Missing: 1
Object Id: %SystemRoot%\system32\conime.exe
Product Id: conime.exe
Startup mode: Run
Startup name: Conime
User: Public
Short hash: 8BFC87702F6FECF4FAEBCA1F048B988054ABF01C
Version hash: 45CC45C2DE8BBBF13F6E8FF4A20F1C7ECA31F46D

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Missing startup executable

The executable specified for this startup process does not seem to exist (anymore) and unnecessarily delays the startup of your computer.

You may try to prevent this process from being started (right-click the Windows Start button > Task Manager > select the 'Startup' tab > select the process > click 'Disable' > reboot your computer).

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