Arnoud Klaren BSc

Arnoud Klaren

The ScanCircle concept was initiated in 2005 in The Netherlands by Arnoud Klaren BSc. Since 1983 he has been involved in computing projects for banks, multinationals and the Dutch government. In his spare time, he solved numerous computer problems for friends and family. But despite his extensive knowledge of computers, every time it was difficult and time consuming to determine the cause of and possible solutions for the malfunction. Therefore, he started ScanCircle.

By comparing the configuration of devices, it is possible to automatically determine whether newer versions of drivers and programs are available and whether there are any unknown or unusual processes. In addition, known malware and configuration problems can be detected, so that it is much easier to the identify the possible cause of any malfunctioning.

By allowing users to subscribe to a notification service, they can be informed by email of future updates for the items on their computer and of any critical or recommended items that are recognized at a later stage. This way, they become part of a scan circle helping each other indirectly to solve their computer problems.

All of this is completely free of charge for personal use and registration is not required. This is because the most important information is supplied by the scans of the community, hence our motto: The more scans, the better the advice!

ScanCircle is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam, The Netherlands under number 24329676. Our VAT number is NL001102440B49.